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RectangularMatrix Class Template Reference

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Detailed Description

template<class T>
class RectangularMatrix< T >

Rectangular matrix.

Public Member Functions

Private Member Functions

Private Attributes

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

RectangularMatrix ( int  nr,
int  nc 
) [inline]


nr Number of rows
nc Number of columns

Member Function Documentation

int Index ( int  i,
int  j 
) [inline, private]

void clear (  )  [inline]

Clears the matrix entries.

void resize ( int  nr,
int  nc 
) [inline]

Resizes the matrix.

T& operator() ( int  i,
int  j 
) [inline]

Returns a reference to an element.

const T& operator() ( int  i,
int  j 
) const [inline]

Returns a constant reference to an element.

Member Data Documentation

svector<T> buffer [private]

int ncols [private]

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