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Public Implementation of a Graph Algorithm
Library and Editor

H. de Fraysseix      P. Ossona de Mendez
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Compilation and Installation

This package includes the source files of a stand alone library tgraph, the editor pigale and the client program and the souces of the freeglut library
The editor and the client use the Qt toolkit and the OpenGL libraries for the 3-dimensional drawings.

Linux and Mac OSX

Automatic configuration

Pigale uses GNU configure for the compilation and installation configurations.

If the prefix points to the directory containing the sources of Pigale, you do not need to run make install (pigale will be in prefix/qt).
If automake complains, you may try to execute:
aclocal && automake -ac && autoconf
before running ./configure

The following directories are created during the installation:

Manual configuration

On most distributions Qt is installed, but some Qt tools might have been renamed.
In such case, you may

Mac OSX (tested On Mavericks and previous versions)



Pigale has been compiled with the following:

To compile Pigale from the sources with command lines (MinGW): or using QtCreator: or using Microsoft Visual Studio: The installation creates three excutables: pigale, client and usingtgraph.
There is also the possibility to create pigale.cgi to be used with a web server.
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Hubert de Fraysseix
Patrice Ossona de Mendez

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