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Public Implementation of a Graph Algorithm
Library and Editor

H. de Fraysseix      P. Ossona de Mendez

GraphWidget.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Classes of the Pigale Editor.

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Function Documentation

void CreateColorItems ( GraphWidget g,
int  color_node,
int  color_edge 

creates the coloured rectangles used to recolor edges and vertices

EdgeItem* CreateEdgeItem ( tedge e,
GraphWidget g 

InfoItem* CreateInfoItem ( GraphWidget g,
QString &  t,
QPoint &  p 

NodeItem* CreateNodeItem ( tvertex v,
GraphWidget g 

void CreatePenBrush (  ) 

creates the pen and the brush used by all QGraphicsItem

void CreateThickItems ( GraphWidget g,
int  width_edge 

bool& ShowOrientation (  ) 

int& ShowVertex (  ) 

Variable Documentation

const int arrow_rtti = min_rtti+11

Type indentifier of a LineItem.

const int arrow_z = 125

Z-coordinate of a EdgeItem.

const int BORDER = 30

spece + sizerect <= 13 for screens 800x600

const int col_rtti = min_rtti+6

Type indentifier of a NodeItem.

const int col_z = 2

Z-coordinate of a NodeItem.

const int curs_rtti = min_rtti+8

Type indentifier of a EdgeItem.

const int curs_z = 129

Z-coordinate of a ArrowItem.

const int edge_rtti = min_rtti+7

Type indentifier of a ColorItem.

const int edge_z = 126

Z-coordinate of a ThickItem.

const int grid_z = 1

Type indentifier of a ThickItem.

const int info_rtti = min_rtti+9

Type indentifier of a CursorItem.

const int info_z = 132

Z-coordinate of a rect containing the info.

const int inforect_z = 131

Z-coordinate of a CursItem.

const int line_rtti = min_rtti+20

const int min_rtti = QGraphicsItem::UserType

const int node_rtti = min_rtti+5

Type indentifier of a ArrowItem.

const int node_z = 127

Z-coordinate of the grid.

const int sizerect = 12

constant used to draw an arrow

const int sizerecth = 8

size and space are used to draw the color palets

const int space = 1

size and space are used to draw the thick palets

const int thick_rtti = min_rtti+9

Type indentifier of a InfoItem.

const int thick_z = 2

Z-coordinate of a ColorItem.

const double xorient = .4

Z-coordinate of a InfoItem.

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