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Public Implementation of a Graph Algorithm
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H. de Fraysseix      P. Ossona de Mendez

SymWindow.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Display and compute the symetries of a graph.

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Function Documentation

static int CheckSymmetry ( GeometricGraph G,
int  MaxLabel 
) [static]

bool& debug (  ) 

static bool Equal ( double  x,
double  y 
) [static]

static void FillCoords ( GeometricGraph G,
int  i1,
int  i2,
int  i3 
) [static]

static void FillCoords ( GeometricGraph G,
double *  x,
int  i1 
) [static]

static int FindSymetry ( GeometricGraph G,
int  i1,
int  i2,
int  i3,
int  rotate,
int &  confusion,
int &  identify,
int &  NumFixPoints 
) [static]

void HeapSort ( int(*)(int a, int b)  f,
int  first,
int  nelements,
int *  heap 

static bool Less ( double  x,
double  y 
) [static]

static bool MatchZ ( svector< int > &  negatif,
int  kpos,
int  npos,
int &  kneg 
) [static]

static bool Null ( double  x  )  [static]

QColor OppCol ( QColor &  col  ) 

static int RemoveConfusion ( GeometricGraph G,
int *  heap,
int  i0,
int  i1,
int &  label 
) [static]

static int RemoveFixedPoints ( GeometricGraph G,
int *  heap 
) [static]

static void RestaureCoords ( GeometricGraph G  )  [static]

static void Rotate ( GeometricGraph G,
int  rotate 
) [static]

static void SymColorEdges ( GeometricGraph G  )  [static]

Variable Documentation

double* angles [static]

double const epsilon = 1.E-6 [static]

int match0 [static]

int match1 [static]

bool Opt [static]

double theta_12 [static]

double theta_23 [static]

double* xcoord [static]

double * ycoord [static]

double * zcoord [static]

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