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Public Implementation of a Graph Algorithm
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H. de Fraysseix      P. Ossona de Mendez

Test.cpp File Reference

Detailed Description

used to add custom functions

This file allow a user to write his own functions: test1, test2, test3. These functions takes as argument:
GraphContainer &GC a reference on the current GraphContainer
int &drawing which can specify a drawing function defines in pigalePaint.cpp
The return value tells Pigale what to do after the completion of the function:
-1:error 0:(No-Redraw,No-Info) 1:(Redraw,No-Info) 2:(Redraw,Info) 20:(Update drawing,Info)
3:(Drawing) 4:(3d) 5:symetrie 6-7-8:Springs Embedders<br>
The initMenuTest() allows the user to set the names of his functions in the main menu.

Include dependency graph for Test.cpp:


Function Documentation

double abs ( double  x  )  [inline]

int Test ( GraphContainer GC,
int  action,
int &  drawing 

int Test1 ( GraphContainer GC,
int &  drawing 
) [static]

int Test2 ( GraphContainer GC,
int &  drawing 
) [static]

int Test3 ( GraphContainer GC,
int &  drawing 
) [static]

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