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Public Implementation of a Graph Algorithm
Library and Editor

H. de Fraysseix      P. Ossona de Mendez

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Embed ( Graph G,
const _Bicon rBicon,
const _LrSort rLrSort,
_Hist rHist 
) [inline]

Embed ( DFSLow G,
const _LrSort rLrSort,
_Hist rHist 
) [inline]

~Embed (  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

void operator() (  )  [inline]

int LowerSideUpperSide (  )  [protected]

void PrintLowerSideUpperSide (  )  [protected]

void FillUpperHalfEdges (  )  [protected]

int FillLowerHalfEdges (  )  [protected]

void fuse ( tvertex  vi,
tbrin  topri,
tbrin  toprif,
tbrin  topli,
tbrin  toplif,
tbrin  botli,
tbrin  botlif,
tbrin  botri,
tbrin  botrif 
) [protected]

void bun_in ( tbrin  ee,
tbrin  ebu,
svector< tbrin > &  left 
) [inline, protected]

void circu_in ( tbrin  ee,
tbrin  previous,
tbrin  next 
) [inline, protected]

void ins_bot ( tbrin  ee,
tbrin bot,
tbrin top 
) [inline, protected]

void ins_top ( tbrin  ee,
tbrin bot,
tbrin top 
) [inline, protected]

Member Data Documentation

int n [private]

int m [private]

const svector<int>& status [private]

const _LrSort& LrSort [private]

_Hist& Hist [private]

Prop<tbrin> cir [private]

Prop<tbrin> acir [private]

Prop<tvertex> vin [private]

Prop1<tbrin> extbrin [private]

_Side Side [private]

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