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H. de Fraysseix      P. Ossona de Mendez

SplitGraph Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Class used to partition a graph using a factorial embedding in $ \mathbb{R}^{n-1} $.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SplitGraph ( Graph G,
int  numclasses,
int  maxdim,
int  usedDistance 
) [inline]


G Graph to be partitioned
numclasses Requested number of classes
maxdim Maximum dimension to be used for optimization
maxdim is overridden by init()

~SplitGraph (  )  [inline]


Member Function Documentation

void ComputeMaxDistance3d (  ) 

void NewClass ( int  dimension,
int  worst 

Creates a new class.

dimension Current space dimension
worst Index of the point used as a representative for the new class

void ComputeProjectDistance ( int  dimension  ) 

Computes projective distance.

void SearchFarVertices ( int  dimension  ) 

Partitions into 2 initial classes and computes projective distance.

void SearchWorst ( int  dimension,
int &  worst 

Searches worst represented point.

dimension Current space dimension
worst Index of the worst represented point (returned value)

void AffectExtrems ( int  extrem0,
int  extrem1 

Partitions into 2 classes with given representatives.

void BuildClasses ( int  dimension,
double &  inertie,
int &  worst 

Builds classes from the barycenters.

void Optimize ( int  dimension,
int &  worst,
double &  inertie 

Representative affectation optimization.

void ComputeBarycenters ( int  dimension  ) 

Computes the barycenters of the classes.

double TotalInertia ( double &  ClassVarianceNumber  ) 

Computes the total inertia of the partition.

int Segment (  ) 

Computes the requested partition.

void init (  )  [private]

Class initialization.

Reimplemented from TopologicalGraph.

Member Data Documentation

svector<int> ClassNumber

Class index of a vertex.

svector<int> NumberElementsInClass

Cardinality of the classes.

int NumberOfClasses

Requested number of classes.

int MinDimension

Minimum dimension to be used for optimization.

Fixed to $ \max (1,\#\text{classes}-2) $ by init()

int MaxDimension

Maximum dimension to be used for optimization.

Actually fixed to $ \min (n-1,\#\text{classes}) $ by init()

int CurrentNumberOfClasses

Current number of classes

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