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Public Implementation of a Graph Algorithm
Library and Editor

H. de Fraysseix      P. Ossona de Mendez

pigalePaint Class Reference

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Detailed Description

To display non Fary drawings.

This class is used for plane drawings of graphs which are not Fary drawings. Fary drawings uses the editor to be displayed.
For each drawing algorithm, one has to write a function taking as arguments a pointer on a QPainter and a pointer on this class. pigalePaint uses a pointer to such a function to display the drawing..
It works using a copy of the graph.

Public Member Functions

Public Attributes

Private Member Functions

Private Attributes

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

pigalePaint ( QWidget *  parent = 0,
pigaleWindow father = 0 

~pigalePaint (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

int to_x ( double  x  ) 

int to_y ( double  y  ) 

void DrawSeg ( QPainter *  p,
Tpoint a,
Tpoint b,
int  col,
int  width = 1 

void DrawRect ( QPainter *  p,
Tpoint a,
double  nx,
double  ny,
int  col 

void DrawText ( QPainter *  p,
double  x,
double  y,
QString  txt 

void DrawText ( QPainter *  p,
Tpoint a,
tvertex  v,
int  col,
int  center 

void DrawText ( QPainter *  p,
double  x,
double  y,
double  nx,
double  ny,
tvertex  v,
int  color 

void DrawTriangle ( QPainter *  p,
Tpoint p1,
Tpoint p2,
Tpoint p3,
int  col 

void update ( int  index,
bool  NewDrawing = true 

void update (  ) 

void print ( QPrinter *  printer  ) 

void image ( QPrinter *  printer,
QString  suffix 

void drawIt ( QPainter *  p  )  [private]

void paintEvent ( QPaintEvent *  e  )  [private]

void showEvent ( QShowEvent *   )  [private]

void hideEvent ( QHideEvent *   )  [private]

void resizeEvent ( QResizeEvent *  e  )  [private]

void mousePressEvent ( QMouseEvent *  e  )  [private]

void mouseMoveEvent ( QMouseEvent *  e  )  [private]

void wheelEvent ( QWheelEvent *  e  )  [private]

void keyPressEvent ( QKeyEvent *  k  )  [private]

Member Data Documentation

pigaleWindow* mw [private]

bool isHidden [private]

QPrinter* printer [private]

int index [private]

double zoom [private]

QPoint posClick [private]

GraphContainer GCP

double Wx_min

double Wx_max

double Wy_min

double Wy_max

double xscale

double xtr

double yscale

double ytr

double xtr0

double ytr0

double xscale0

double yscale0

double xmin

double xmax

double ymin

double ymax

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